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  • XK70 Celebration Car Badge

    XK70 Celebration Car Badge

    Measuring 110mm by 100mm, this is an elegant oval design, made of bronze and finished in ultra-durable vitreous enamel and polished chrome. They are completed with a bottom lug fitting and 2 x 5mm holes. Each badge will be individually numbered (engraved on the grille fitting).
  • XK70 Souvenir Jute Bag

    XK70 Souvenir Jute Bag

    A lovely souvenir of the XK70 Jaguar Festival, featuring the XK70 event logo on one side, with our sponsor's (MWS) logo on the other. In natural jute, this is a very useful size at 400mm wide, 300mm high and 190mm deep.
  • XK70 Souvenir Programme

    XK70 Souvenir Programme

    A wonderful 130pp glossy bookazine packed full of features, stories and photographs about the XK70 Jaguar Festival - the celebrity guests and personalities, the sponsors, the exhibitors, the venue, the XK and E-type Clubs and of course, the reason for it all - the Jaguar XK120 and its revolutionary XK engine...
  • XK70 Umbrella

    XK70 Umbrella

    This is a bold golf-style umbrella. A larger size, with black-lacquered wooden handle and gilt trim. In a deep, rich ‘Imperial’ Maroon with the XK70 logo on two panels, this is a premium item.  Priced at £50, this is a Limited Edition product of 100. The design is exclusive to the XK Club.